Monday, January 6, 2014

Small Talking God

Essential to any meaningful relationship is open and honest communication. Christians too often make a lot of small talk with God, rarely if ever admitting their true spiritual condition. Understandable? Yes. Acceptable? No. At least, not if we intend to mature in our faith or know Christ more richly.

In John’s gospel he records a post-resurrection conversation between Jesus and Peter (Jn 21:15-17). Three times Christ asks Simon if he loves Him. The once brazen and impromptu Peter, in lieu of his previous thrice denials of the Master gives his Lord an honest, grief-stricken answer. The first two inquiries by Christ involved obedient love (Gr. agapaō). Yet Peter, knowing his past weaknesses offers the Lord only the love of friendship (Gr. phileō). Christ however, forgives and restores Peter and commands him to feed His lambs. Peter’s honesty brought him to a usable faith. So, how do we answer when the Lord asks us whether or not we unfailingly love Him?

Don’t be afraid to admit the truth of yourself to God. Be honest with Him. After all it’s impossible to lie to the Holy Spirit. Besides, dishonesty only makes us appear foolish in God’s eyes, not faithful or fruitful.